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the miraculous

Miraculous Medronho

The recipe of Dr.Apokalipse was inherited from his great-grandfather that discovered this liquor in 1910 thanks to a 18th century  half parchment that he found on a  Portuguese Navy archive. The document revealed an Indian secret ingredient but the missing manufacturing process was only discovered 91 years later.


The parchment was written in Goa by an unknown sailor that made the sensational discovery by mixing Medronho with a local elixir.

Chance took Dr. Apocalypse and Michel Gigolo to Goa in 2002 for a preparation season of the Full Moon show where a local clerk revealed the collectors’ name that kept the Portuguese archive.

300 miles later, taken on old bikes through jungle and hope, they were welcomed at a mansion by a nice octogenarian British Freak.

Homecoming, the night was magical since they knew they have made history, swam the sea where full moon shined in the chrome of a Royal Enfield bike with a precious parchment kept in the fake cowhide saddlebag.

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