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The Custom Circus appears for the first time in 1988 in the imaginary book Saga da Roda, and was later created for the real world by the trio Daniela Sousa (Daniella Vol), MichelAlex (Michel Gigolo) and Rui Gago (Dr.Apokalipse) when the their paths converged during productions of Lisbon Capital of Culture 1994 in a tour of the company La Fura Dels Baus and the launching of the album Tubular Bells of Mike Oldfield. In a risky, evolutionary and persevering way, the trio specialized in alternative events and multimedia shows for bold multinationals, hiring artists and several companies to perform hundreds of exclusive and punctual shows. It was only after 10 years in the circuit of multinationals that they finally decided to adopt their code name Custom Circus in 2002, a designation that derived from their nomadic origins and the way they parked their 30 theatrical vehicles in a scenic arena with Dieselpunk and Steampunk aesthetics. With a vintage theater structure that is too complicated to keep up with and faced with the obstacles they faced everyday because they were so different and strange they created a phrase to welcome the new members of the company and their entourage: "Everybody wants miracles and think that everything is easy! ".

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