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Poster image for the show: LE CABARET ROCK ( 2012 - 2023 )


LE CABARET ROCK ( 2012 - 2023 )

Official Nirvana Studios show

  Mind-blowing and pure dynamite on stage, with surprising doses of madness, horror, parody and poetic decadence, detonated by the irreverent troupe that created this fantastic theatrical imaginary.

  This "must see it" has been institutionalized at the Custom Café Theatre since its premiere, attracting more than 40,000 spectators of multiple nationalities in the first two consecutive years.

  Le Cabaret Rock is a show that is always extravagant and without borders, truly multi-polar punk and never performed in the same way, because each night is unique!


LOCO'MOTIVE ( 2020 - 2023 )

  The approximately 99 tonnes of art in the play Loco'Motive are mainly dedicated to Motorcyclists; because in the 19th century, the steam locomotive emerged as the first motorized vehicle, deserving the name of Iron Horse; but decades later it was the motorcycle that embodied that title. Thus, in this installation, Custom Circus captured, through its post-apocalyptic aesthetics, the moment when the Motorcyclist came to symbolize freedom on wheels.

Poster image for the show: LOCO'MOTIVE ( 2020 - 2023 )
Poster image for the show: HEIRS of THE APOKALIPSE - The Performance ( 2016 - 2023 )


“The Performance" (2016 - 2023)

  Built as an apocalyptic bunker, this exhibition and its related performance is a roadshow visitable time capsule, conveyor of many ecological messages defying the public through an unusual Steampunk & Dieselpunk imaginary.

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