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Nirvaninho is dedicated to the Artists, to the ones that shined the most, to the ones that accepted anonymity as Crispim Serôdio, the name that was found in his fake passport.

Beach Tarzan and Algés Casino star, fate had it that he would fall in love by a Baker’s  and Oeiras Miller’s daughter. Sentenced by the young lady’s father, Crispim had to elope. At the station, his beloved gave him a written letter on the back of a Bonbon recipe which she had created, saying goodbye with a last kiss framed by the steam of the locomotive.

In order to survive, Crispim danced in Cruise ships, having met Carmen Miranda in 1939 on a USA trip, where the Diva integrated him in her entourage by giving him a snake skin vest as a sign of irreverence.

Crispim left us in 1955, falling into depression in a Parisian Kiosk coated with covers of the tragic end of Carmen, the Portuguese-Brazilian Star.

40 years later, in a gloomy Parisian basement rented by Bikers, Michel Gigolo found, in an old chest, the love letter from the Oeiras’ Baker in the Snake Skin Vest.

After decoding the recipe, it was Daniella Vol that has mixed the “miraculous” elixir from Dr. Apokalipse and has refined this version that we know today as Nirvaninho.

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