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(2005) - Dr.Apokalipse, Michel Gigolo, Daniella Vol, Custom Circus Crew

Apokalipse Bunker

Being a studio mostly dominated by artisanship ateliers, the hall and interior corridors where decorated with murals depicting obsolete objects, tools or tasks related to them or performed by our ancestral artisans.

It was then decided to implement here asap a new bunker-atelier built in such way that it could be an installation but also protect and support definitively the affected side. All the task was performed in 36 hours under the rain and that’s why it was chosen to implement so many apocalyptic elements in the structure.


(2004) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol


This motorized Frankenstein emerged from a machiavellian osmosis of two 60’s American army trucks and a Paris taxi from the 50’s. During the Custom Circus barbaric tours this vehicle was known as the Raver for it was equipped with all the DJ’s gear who performed after the shows.

saga TRUCK

(2015) - Dr.Apokalipse, Michel Gigolo, Daniella Vol, Nirvana Studios Supporters


This theatrical vehicle is the last survivor highway truck from the Custom Circus convoy, specifically preserved to be a feature of the Apokalypse Heirs exhibition. All the bizarre interiors are period perfect relative to a pseudo Post Apocalypse era.

tia maria

(2012) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol, Hervé Locatelli, Levi’s Strauss

Tia Maria.jpg

This 1970 van was an actual ice cream truck witch travelled from Chicago by Air France to feature a TV spot and a campaign for Levi’s in Portugal.

After the tour and convention performed by Custom Circus in 2006 for the iconic brand, the troupe integrated it in their theatrical convoy, being later customized to fit the Custom Café’s bohemian bar in 2012.


(2012) - Dr.Apokalipse, Michel Gigolo, Daniella Vol, Custom Circus Crew


This régie van was hoisted on top of four Lisbon New State light poles, in such way that the public may pass underneath without perceiving the presence of the technical paraphernalia controlling Custom Café shows.

As an engineering work it achieved a clinic psycho diagnostic and as a technical solution it assured an infernal life for the troupe’s operators while on the Cabaret Rock scene the bet was won!


(2012) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse

Backstage Army Truck

Army style customized this veteran truck is internally connected to the troupe’s backstage. This installation was inspired by old folk local stories from the 40’s and 50’s that whisper about such trucks ridding in convoys through this military road by moonless nights.

psygon hot rod

(2005) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol

Psygon Hot Rod

Hoisted on top of the slight secret Dr.Apokalipse liquor distillery, this is one of the scene vehicles witch invaded Custom Circus arenas in their savage years, spreading terror amongst the spectators, loaded with diabolic arsenals of smoke, steam, glow paint, CO2 bombs, tribal screaming, sweat and cheap make up.


(2008) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Von Syco

Taxi Internacional.jpg

Old guitar drifting on a telegraph pole.


“Not Every Road Leads to Rome”


(2009) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol

Biodiesel Blues

Static truck on an iron wall sacrificed to the Gods of old time machinery. Former San Francisco (USA) Fire Patrol, this Ford was adapted in 2004 by Custom Circus to stock a couple of recovered generators with some 15 past ownerships.

Converted to savage biodiesel these thirty machines were vital during the worst period of reconstruction of the fort, between 2004 and 2008 to deliver the huge amount of energy for the absurd project called Nirvana Studios.


(2015) - Dr.Apokalipse, Michel Gigolo, Daniella Vol

Make a Promise

Table centers from the show Bizarre Chic on a 1948 Pontiac chassis.


(2013) - Michel Gigolo, Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol

On The Road Again

The idea behind this installation was to frame an interpretation of the allegoric Thespis chariot. For several years this humble 1977 former ambulance was Custom Circus ticket booth. They never were a circus but a theater company with genes of underground performers, freaks, bikers, sailors, emigrants, and adventurers.

forgotTen dumper

(2010) Dr.Apokalipse, Daniella Vol

Forgotten Dumper

Among the weird and unexpected vehicles the troupe used on its arena shows were also caterpillars for aerial stunts and dumpers such as this one, usually used to recover performers away from the crowded arena or festivals front scenes. This particular dumper was fitted on rails to symbolize the end of its working life within the troupe.

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