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 A real-life story, forged in iron, fire and ink by the author who lived it himself.


  Pedro Cipriano – Editorial Coordination


  Surprisingly effective, The Amazing Gutkin Curse is a simple method to start living life more passionately.

Although the word "curse" owes its origin to evil, here, despite this evil coating, an exception was made; because this curse is blessed! Or do they not believe that there are evils that come for good?

  Thus, this book is the culmination of more than thirty intense years of absorbing, without any geographical or ideological boundaries, the secret of a fulfilling life; where I realized that it is really important to know how to choose the crazy people who will guide us! Yes it is! I was lucky to be able to choose them! Or they to me… Something that I also wish for you.


  The author

  Michel Alex

The Amazing Gutkin Curse by Michel Alex

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