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Welcome to this series that travels through the imagination of Custom Circus, a Post-Apocalyptic theater and visual arts company. Each of these books can be read independently or sequentially in the collection.


In order to emphasize the troupe's real carnality with the fictional coordinates of this series, the company's mentors guided the authorship process, seeking to make the plot woven around lived episodes. Or alternatively, experienced on stage or in other aspects of his performing art.


The predominant cinematic concept of the series crosses the company's own life story with an authentic geography, centered mainly on Portuguese territory in a future three centuries away.


The existence and transposition of the Custom Circus to the real world can be discovered in its shows, exhibitions, installations, in its original soundtracks, or in a visit to the artistic community that the troupe created in 2004: the Nirvana Studios, located in Portugal in the of Oeiras, very close to Lisbon.

Custom Circus Series - Pack 3 Volumes